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Cute Labrador Puppies


The exact origin of one of the most popular breeds in the world - Labrador does not have, but we know that the ancestors of Labrador dogs were North American Indians. They swim and dive well, in those days, their main use was to help fishermen pulling net. Unknown breed dogs first Europeans saw on the island of Newfoundland (Canada) in the early 19th century and called it "St. Johns Newfoundland"Cute little labrador retriever puppies, that are running on the green grassand are playing with each other in our great live wallpapers.These puppies are so cute that you won't be able to move your eyes away from the screenand you will enjoy every second of it!Install these wallpapers and have so much of unveliviable fun!If you like this great application then without any difficultieseasily install it on your Android phone.If you have any advices regarding this app, certain warnings or any questions at all we will listen to you gladly.Please enjoy our wallpapers!